At MBD, we believe that every organisation needs suitable talent to achieve its objectives, and that the people in the organisation need the right environment for their career progression. We strive to give our team the distinctive feeling of being at the right place. We believe in creating endless possibilities for each member of our team to experience a sense of achievement, while providing learning opportunities and both vertical and horizontal growth.

MBD as an Employer

We recognise that our team members are our most valuable assets. These are the very people who help us in creating the materials and providing the services that hold true to our mission to be true ‘partners in education’.

Empowering Talent

We, at MBD, believe in establishing a tradition of empowering our team members to grow in their respective careers within the company and beyond. We support and encourage professional growth and advancement at all levels. We are committed to providing the framework and tools that let employees assess their work, find new ways to improve, plan for continuous learning and have a rewarding work life.

Equal Employment Opportunity

MBD is an equal-opportunity employer. Our policy is to select, develop and promote employees on the basis of their individual abilities and performance. We provide equal employment opportunity to any individual without regard to caste, creed, colour, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis.

At MBD we offer you:

  • - A good working environment
  • - Excellent learning and growth opportunities
  • - Competitive remuneration

MBD Overseas