Content Development

MBD is uniquely positioned across the global landscape of digital publishing due to its competent Content Development Services. Backed by a team of content curators, copy editors and proof readers, MBD has been able to provide high quality educational content to learners and seekers from all over the world. Excelling exponentially, MBD has also employed various subject matter experts for subjects like English, Hindi, maths, social science, science and general knowledge (GK), to enrich its content with minute and relevant details. With a comprehensive array of books for multiple verticals such as K-12, Higher Education and professional courses primarily Engineering, Medical and Management, MBD brings to you the perfect cocktail of six-decades of experience and a matchless expertise for its smart users.


MBD Group is proud to provide content that is not only free from errors but is easy to read, fit for its target audience and is in accordance with the highest standards followed across the global education industry. It has a team of professional copy editors (CEs) who possess profound knowledge in bettering the written content and ensuring consistency throughout. The in-house editorial team liaisons with the typesetting and proofreading departments to complete the editorial cycle smoothly.


MBD has a dedicated pool of illustrators and graphic designers who utilise the best combination of art and aesthetics to maximise the value and credibility of the content available. The team uses the best-in-class machinery and 2D and 3D software to create accurate and realistic content as the end-result. It uses different styles like drawing, printmaking, collage, montage, painting, modelling, and multimedia to make the published content more interesting, creative and easy to understand.


A picture is worth a thousand words––MBD Group firmly believes in this saying. And that is why we boast of a team of image editing experts with expertise in still colouring. These experts take crucial decisions on different subjects such as the type of colour-scheme, the resolution of images, the placement of these images, formatting, etc. They work in complete cooperation with animators to meet the ever-changing demands of the publishing sector.


MBD has a skilled army of professionals who are well-versed with typesetting and book designing. These individual have matchless expertise in dealing with everything that falls in between page composition and preparing the final draft. A considerable amount of time is spent in selecting and arranging all the visual elements of design and composition for the best end-results. Every activity here is monitored and managed by a group of publishing managers.

At MBD, we know that author is king. That is why we provide for three rounds of corrections for our authors. We believe if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. So, we provision for authors to suggest and better their books in as many as three rounds after proofs.

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