K12 and Beyond

MBD South Africa publishes a wide range of textbooks for the K12 level. These textbooks strictly adhere to guidelines and curriculum of the school and examination systems and the Department of Basic Education. These textbooks are loaded with well-researched content in lucid language and presented with an emphasis on aesthetics.

The textbooks from MBD South Africa are divided into different grades, including those for the Foundation Phase (Grades R–3), Intermediate Phase (Grades 4–6), Senior Phase (Grades 7–9) and the Further Education and Training Phase (Grades 10–12).

One of the primary objectives of MBD South Africa is to instil in the learners a sense of curiosity and develop a positive mindset to identify and solve a problem. Each textbook has also been finished with an intention to help them develop their learning abilities, awareness about their environment and sharpen their mental powers.

Besides, all the textbooks are complemented by a wide variety of teacher guides, study guides, workbooks and many more. Publication of higher education books for MBD South Africa is in the pipeline; an announcement in this regard is forthcoming. Meanwhile MBD South Africa has been offering an array of editorial services and prepress work to cater to the educational needs in South Africa for all grades and levels.

Project Management

Inspired by the management wisdom that we can manage only what we can measure, MBD South Africa places special focus on project management with a group of experts who are responsible for streamlining the processes in each subject area.

The processes are made more organised and efficient by teams of subject matter experts, editors and page composition professionals/designers.

MBD South Africa also boasts of an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system to ensure the workflow from the beginning is as immaculate as in creating the final product. The motto behind the success of MBD South Africa in management is the mantra of Coordination & Communication. The ultimate goal is to bring world-class content and cutting-edge technology to all learners in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Digital Solutions


One of MBD South Africa’s strengths is its ability to adapt to the requirements of the changing times, and it is the group’s motto to do it in the most innovative of ways. MBD South Africa is fully equipped to handle all the processes from pre-production to promotion and from preparing storyboards to editing with audio-visual effects.

MBD has a team which specialises in educational 2D animations that make learning an exciting exercise. The contents are dynamic and interactive, user-friendly for both teachers and learners, and greatly enhance the process of learning. Digital education is the future, and MBD is all set to make it the tool of education, for students and teachers alike.

To broaden the digital solutions, MBD South Africa is looking forward to take the next step with 3D animation products and services that come with even more electrifying possibilities.

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