Software Development

Educational Website & Web CMS (Content Management System)

At MBD Alchemié, we have a brilliant technical team that creates excellent websites with the latest technical integration of web CMS platforms. Besides, this content management system makes the end user a creator of their websites, while allowing them to frame their own thoughts and ideas that they can easily update on the websites.

Educational Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Implementing the Educational ERP allows you to obtain every detailed report related to academic matters, individual and group performance, history or any other information. This system connects teachers, parents, students and management on a user-friendly platform. You can observe the report by a simple login on the website. MBD’s Educational ERP module is available both as a stand-alone server-based module and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web-based module.

School Management System

The School Management System is built to manage teachers and students, payroll details, academic plans, lesson-planning records, periodical results, report cards, administration, fee collections, transportation logs, attendance notes and other such details. MBD’s School Management System is also available in both server-based and web-based modules.

Campus Management System

This is a specially designed system, which has been created for maintaining operations such as enrolment, placement, course bifurcation, administration, visiting faculty, payroll, attendance, campus placement, internships, result announcement and the like. MBD’s Campus Management System is available both in server-based and web-based modules.

Publication ERP

This highly efficient software has been completed with the ISO-certified process for content development, printing, publishing, binding and quality check. It is operated through a single portal by accessing reports of each stage during the development of a publication. The Publication ERP also manages the compliance of every printing process in a publication house by following the Six Sigma quality parameters set for global standards.

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